A self-taught designer and quote-unquote digital native, I've been throwing stuff together on Photoshop since I was 12 years old making Doctor Who photomanips — which fortunately are lost to the winds of time and obsolete hard drives. 
I started pursuing design and marketing more seriously at university — while my degree was Computer Science, a LOT of my time was spent with the theatre society, where I designed posters, flyers, websites and trailers, upping the society's marketing game and quickly becoming the go-to design guy
After university, I worked for Social Life, a social media agency specialising in entertainment and young fandom audiences. Moving up the ranks from Junior Designer to Head of Studio, I worked on brands including Mattel, Zynga, Apple and Netflix, across graphic design, video editing, and motion graphics, for any and every social platform around.
Since 2020 I've been contracting for Netflix as a social creative — pitching and creating content for Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.