A selection of short videos for Twitter & Facebook, edited for Netflix during my time agency-side at Social Life.
Editing & graphics on all videos by me.
Sex Education — How to put on a condom
A comically awkward tutorial from Sex Education's Otis Milburn, originally shot on greenscreen. I had a lot of fun with this edit, letting shots run on slightly too long, or cut slightly too early, to amp up the awkwardness.
Set It Up — Glen's Grandma
A cute stunt on the red carpet for Set It Up, edited on a short turnaround from footage sent over from the US. The challenge here was getting across a lot of explanation in a short video while keeping things interesting and fun!
Sex Education — Public service announcement
The brief for this piece was to show that, despite the raunchy name, there was more to Sex Education than just sex. The punchy ending was something extra I pitched during the edit, to really drive home the point of Sex Ed being a show that can do both heartfelt and funny.
Trinkets — You wouldn't steal a...
Parodying the infamous 90s anti-piracy advert to promote a show about teenage shoplifters. Produced using footage from the show itself.

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