The Netflix UK social accounts are always on the lookout for ways to make locally-relevant content about titles that aren't British themselves. In late 2020, as The Queen's Gambit was making chess sexy again, I pitched the concept of replacing the chessboard in some iconic shots from the show with other nostalgic board games.
I modelled the games in Blender and comped them together in Photoshop, taking care to mimic the lighting of the original shots — the same joke would've worked with much jankier 'shopping, but a photorealistic job really made the post stand out.
The post was a big hit — as well as the @netflixuk page, it was also reshared by the French and Indian Netflix accounts, receiving well over average engagement on all three pages and racking up 300k likes overall. 
It was also unofficially reposted to Twitter and Reddit several times — a personal highlight for me is this comment thread fiercely debating whether or not the Photoshopping is any good! 

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